Where did the term white paper come from

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Everyone hates to write an essay. In American films, the characters roll their eyes when they receive a written assignment from the teacher. This is the most important stage of introductory tests in foreign universities. Even with not the highest score received in the exam, but with a well-written essay, you can have a good chance of becoming a writer paper at a prestigious university. The essay demonstrates your talent, potential, your ambitions and your personality. And, when you are already a student of a foreign university, you will constantly write essays. Constantly. Therefore, it is better to spend time and learn to write your ideas in writing, without spoiling their grammatical and lexical errors.

We want to introduce you to the Internet resources, through which you will learn to write competently and confidently.


Translated from English Prompts – this is a hint good argumentative essay topics. And that’s all that makes this app. But this is enough for training written skills. Convenient that it can be installed on a mobile phone and train at least in the subway, even at a boring lecture. Prompts advises how to start writing essays and how to proceed. You do not know what to write about – the application prompts. In Prompts more than 300 000 prompts.

2. Grammarly.

Install Grammarly in your browser and write without errors at least the English posts, though a resume in a foreign company. It works as follows: you write the text in English, and the application prompts the correct spelling of words.

3. Readability-Score and Hemingway App.

These two services are very similar, so choose the one that you find more convenient. With their help, you can write a text on a complex topic so that the reader does not fall asleep on the first lines. Services help you analyze your text and conduct complete analytics.

4. Grammar Girl.

On this site in a simple form, the most complex rules are explained, in which even native speakers are confused. He saved not a single beginning English essayist in the examgood argumentative essay topics.

5. Thesaurus.

This is the largest free online dictionary in the world, in which it is convenient to search for synonyms for words. Thanks to him, your vocabulary expands, and written speech becomes more diverse. With this service you will understand how easy it is to express your thoughts. But be careful! In English, synonyms can not always be used in the same situation.